At whatever stage you’re at with asset documentation, having a clear picture of the journey to success is vital to developing a cohesive strategy that benefits an array of businesses.

Best Documented Asset (BDA) describes the future state that an operating facility achieves when it has every asset within the facility 100% documented to company standards. This is the future and it’s never been possible before—until now. BDA is a strategy backed with real solutions and applications, aimed at ensuring engineering content is accurate and managed - helping you to make better decisions, reduce risk, get higher returns on your assets and improve safety. Bringing together the best in breed applications, integrating with your existing systems and making it all usable to your teams is a challenge at best – but with our experience, methodologies and proven solutions, we can make this a reality faster than you might think.


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The End Game

Every good strategy or plan needs a goal. Without it, you really do not have a plan at all.

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With Best Documented Asset our goal is actually very simple – to ensure that you have every asset you own documented to the best standard possible. What this means is we want to know what we DO NOT have just as much as we want to know what we DO have.

If we can bring this thinking earlier into the process too, such as project handover to operations, we can more quickly identify what is missing before its more costly to remediate.

Of course, there are other elements to this, such as adherence to key compliance standards, making that documentation accessible, up to date and perhaps above all – trustworthy.

The outcomes are tangible!

  • • Safest possible plants
  • • Most productive workforce
  • • Fully compliant
  • • Most Reliable

As part of our approach we can tailor your Best Documented Asset journey to suit you perfectly, at a pace that is realistic and achievable.

Best Documented Asset must be the first step of your Digital Twin strategy.

Perhaps you’re considering a Digital Twin strategy or you’ve already seen results from it; rest assured we are here to guide your journey to success through vigorous documentation handling.

While a visual representation of a process, involving various pumps, valves, pipes and more, has the amazing potential to improve training, support testing, reduce risk and improve safety – you will still need that documentation if you are going to build your digital twin accurately, and know all the necessary detail on each component part. Specifications, material lists, and drawings all provide that vital information you will need.

At Kinsmen Group, documentation is the backbone of any digital twin strategy. Let us help in making the transition to success a seamless one.

Want to know more?

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In this binge worthy live series, we shall use these amazing tributes to both nature and mankind to reveal how we can overcome seemingly impossible barriers to success.

If you are considering or embarking on a digital twin strategy, see how your goals can be fully realized with the path that is Best Documented Asset.